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Arizona's best locally owned and operated pawn broker!
How the pawn transaction works!
Here at Easy Money Pawn we make pawning the easiest way to borrow money.  

All you need to get your loan is a valid state ID and collateral.

We evaluate your collateral and determine the amount we can lend.  Explain the terms of the loan, and answer any questions you might have. 

Once you are satisfied with the terms of the loan, we print the documents (pawn ticket), you sign, provide a thumb print, and walk out with your cash.

All of our loans are for 90 days, if you are not able to redeem your loan we will give you an opportunity to renew it.
We accept just about anything with verifiable value as collateral.  These items include tools, gold and diamond jewelry, laptops, tablets, antiques, video game consoles and games, televisions, collectibles, firearms and much more. If you are unsuure, feel free to bring your item by for appraisal.  
A customer brings in collateral (an item of value), and the staff will evaluate it.  Once the used cash value is determined an offer will be made.  If the customer agrees with the evaluation and offer, they will be asked for a government ID and the loan paper work is started.  After the customer signs the loan document (pawn ticket), and provides a thumb print, they are given the agreed upon loan.  The whole process can take as little as fifteen minutes.
​Pawnbrowker charges are state regulated in Arizona, we all charge the same fees.  Loans are for 90 days and renewable by only paying the finance charge.  The interest rate is 13% for the first two months and 11% for the third month and a $5.00 set-up fee. A storage fee may apply.
​Since this is a collateral loan, there is no obligation to redeem your loan.  If you decide not to redeem your loan the pawn shop will sell your collateral to recoup the loan amount.  The pawn shop will never send you a bill, or provide a reminder call, or make any reportings to credit agencies.  If redeem a firearm you will have to complete the 4473 background. This is required on all sales and redemption of firearms.
If your loan isn't paid on or before the 90th day, your collateral will be forfitted, and sold to recoup the value of the loan.  You will be given the opportunity to renew the loan one time only,  it will require the interest and fees of the original loan to be paid before being granted.  On or after 91st day it may be possible to obtain your collateral, however you will have to pay the in store retail price for the item or items.  
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